Podium of the Master Tournament 2017: Baklan Vladimir (2nd), Bartel Mateusz (winner) and Ganguly Surya Shekhar (3rd)
Podium of the Master Tournament 2017: Baklan Vladimir (2nd), Bartel Mateusz (winner) and Ganguly Surya Shekhar (3rd)
110GMBartel Mateusz POL26087.045.0426.0
212GMBaklan Vladimir UKR26007.044.0413.0
33GMGanguly Surya Shekhar IND26586.545.5422.0
423GMKuljasevic Davorin CRO25466.545.5420.0
54GMSalem A.R. Saleh UAE26386.545.0426.5
614GMAravindh Chithambaram Vr. IND25936.543.5429.0
716GMAntipov Mikhail Al. RUS25806.542.0412.5
811GMPerunovic Milos SRB26066.541.5403.5
98GMHera Imre (junior) HUN26116.048.5420.5
1035IMBellaiche Anthony FRA24636.047.5405.5
1125IMAli Marandi Cemil Can TUR25156.046.5416.5
1217GMKarthikeyan Murali IND25796.044.5406.5
1313GMBanusz Tamas HUN26006.044.0420.5
145GMErdos Viktor HUN26286.044.0411.5
1519GMRambaldi Francesco ITA25686.043.5399.0
1620GMDemuth Adrien FRA25586.043.5392.5
1726GMAl-Sayed Mohammed QAT25086.041.0396.5
189GMLagarde Maxime FRA26096.039.0395.5
1927IMShevchenko Kirill UKR25025.548.5394.0
201GMShankland Samuel L USA26715.545.5417.5
212GMKovalenko Igor LAT26595.545.5410.0
2224GMVishnu Prasanna. V IND25385.545.0388.0
2332IMHambleton Aman CAN24715.544.5401.5
2445IMMroziak Maciej POL24015.543.0382.5
2521GMVaibhav Suri IND25585.542.0385.5
2615GMGoganov Aleksey RUS25925.540.5405.5
2736IMSaduakassova Dinara KAZ24445.540.5382.5
2852FMBaenziger Fabian SUI23545.540.0390.0
297GMDragun Kamil POL26215.539.5393.5
3054IMRadovanovic Mihajlo SRB23375.539.0351.5
3130IMHenrichs Thomas GER24915.538.5382.5
3234GMRomanishin Oleg M UKR24635.538.5378.0
3329IMDragnev Valentin AUT24955.537.5374.5
3437IMSwayams Mishra IND24405.045.5388.0
3542IMMesaros Florian AUT24155.042.5386.5
3633IMBellahcene Bilel FRA24665.042.5384.5
3728IMKorpa Bence HUN24975.042.0397.0
3843IMWallace John Paul AUS24115.040.5371.0
396GMIvanisevic Ivan SRB26235.039.5389.5
4053FMSchnepp Gunnar AUT23485.039.5383.0
4139IMSeyb Alexander GER24255.039.5359.0
4248IMHaimovich Tal ISR23805.038.5374.0
4344FMColmenares Aurelio SUI24075.037.5380.5
44108Kakumanu Kautil IND19135.036.5368.0
4567FMPomini Aurélien SUI22065.035.5355.0
4641IMGaehwiler Gabriel SUI24164.543.5401.5
4751IMOmar Noaman UAE23544.543.5354.5
4846GMVenkatesh M.R. IND24004.542.0384.5
4947FMGindi Shachar ISR23974.541.5369.0
5055FMBlohberger Felix AUT23194.541.0390.0
5140IMMeins Gerlef GER24224.541.0376.0
5218GMDonchenko Alexander GER25704.539.5391.5
5357FMOthman A. Moussa UAE22774.538.5351.0
5458FMPrunescu Claudiu SUI22724.538.0356.5
5522GMGreenfeld Alon ISR25464.537.5366.5
5656FMKamber Bruno SUI22864.537.5359.5
5761FMBozinovic Bogdan CRO22484.536.0331.0
5869Mucha Piotr POL21914.535.5360.5
5963FMDhanush Bharadwaj IND22114.535.5353.0
6094Krebs Samuel SUI20504.534.5351.5
6170Poliakov Artem RUS21914.533.5356.5
6288Van Den Ouden Lendert NED20754.533.0341.5
6395Dill Xaver SUI20494.533.0340.5
6474Masse Hugues CAN21474.531.0346.5
6538GMCampora Daniel H. ARG24374.043.0374.0
6666FMLouis Thibault FRA22074.040.0373.0
6760Sankalp Gupta IND22554.038.5369.0
6865WIMNi Viktorija USA22104.037.5373.5
6989Monteverde Jonathan SUI20744.036.0351.0
7080Giesinger Elias SUI21114.035.0361.0
7196FMTiwari Ashwani IND20464.034.5363.0
7272Goswami Vedant IND21564.033.0345.5
7376Gendre Stéphane SUI21244.032.5333.0
7479Toenz Arthur FRA21134.031.5352.5
7583WCMOkuyaz Duru TUR20964.030.5341.0
7675Bacrot Alexandre FRA21404.030.5324.0
7781Kleibaumhueter Klaus GER21094.028.5316.5
7878Lux Hugo De Melo BRA21153.539.0371.0
7964Georg Michel SUI22113.538.5361.0
8071Emanuel Yahav ISR21583.537.0348.0
8168FMHugentobler Patrik SUI22033.536.5345.0
8259Arne Mike USA22703.536.5343.0
8384WFMDe Seroux Camille SUI20953.534.0345.0
8491Arbinger Roland Dr.GER20583.532.5287.0
85105Lucca Kevin SUI19733.532.5283.5
86107Delmonico Nils SUI19593.532.0334.5
8790Montoya Irigoyen Inigo ESP20703.532.0328.5
8873Schmid Christoph SUI21503.531.0325.0
89103Valet Richard GER19893.531.0319.0
9062Leisch Lukas AUT22213.531.0312.0
9187Jordan Michael GER20803.530.5318.5
9293WFMSanteramo Alessia ITA20523.529.5333.5
9385Liepins Oliver LAT20953.528.0315.5
9499Schroer Marcel NED20203.037.0350.5
9531IMFlom Gabriel FRA24733.036.5312.0
9649IMVidenova Iva BUL23703.034.0322.0
97106Bonferroni Thierry SUI19663.032.5331.0
9892Horber Jean-Marc SUI20573.031.5331.5
99102Ditzler Jürg SUI19923.030.5324.0
10086Zweifel Richard SUI20853.029.5310.0
101100Deuber Roman SUI20152.533.0323.5
10297Gaffagan Steven USA20342.532.5315.5
103109Kreutzmann Duke SUI18672.532.0281.5
10477Tornay Gomez Josu ESP21232.530.5309.5
10582Balzer Lars GER21012.529.5317.0
10698Polavaram Rithik USA20282.034.5243.0
10750FMWacker Peter GER23582.034.5193.5
108104Rusconi Benito SUI19782.027.5266.5
109101Fusco Roberto ITA20111.529.5272.0

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1GMShankland Samuel L USA2671
2GMKovalenko Igor LAT2659
3GMGanguly Surya Shekhar IND2658
4GMSalem A.R. Saleh UAE2638
5GMErdos Viktor HUN2628
6GMIvanisevic Ivan SRB2623
7GMDragun Kamil POL2621
8GMHera Imre (junior) HUN2611
9GMLagarde Maxime FRA2609
10GMBartel Mateusz POL2608
11GMPerunovic Milos SRB2606
12GMBaklan Vladimir UKR2600
13GMBanusz Tamas HUN2600
14GMAravindh Chithambaram Vr. IND2593
15GMGoganov Aleksey RUS2592
16GMAntipov Mikhail Al. RUS2580
17GMKarthikeyan Murali IND2579
18GMDonchenko Alexander GER2570
19GMRambaldi Francesco ITA2568
20GMDemuth Adrien FRA2558
21GMVaibhav Suri IND2558
22GMGreenfeld Alon ISR2546
23GMKuljasevic Davorin CRO2546
24GMVishnu Prasanna. V IND2538
25IMAli Marandi Cemil Can TUR2515
26GMAl-Sayed Mohammed QAT2508
27IMShevchenko Kirill UKR2502
28IMKorpa Bence HUN2497
29IMDragnev Valentin AUT2495
30IMHenrichs Thomas GER2491
31IMFlom Gabriel FRA2473
32IMHambleton Aman CAN2471
33IMBellahcene Bilel FRA2466
34GMRomanishin Oleg M UKR2463
35IMBellaiche Anthony FRA2463
36IMSaduakassova Dinara KAZ2444
37IMSwayams Mishra IND2440
38GMCampora Daniel H. ARG2437
39IMSeyb Alexander GER2425
40IMMeins Gerlef GER2422
41IMGaehwiler Gabriel SUI2416
42IMMesaros Florian AUT2415
43IMWallace John Paul AUS2411
44FMColmenares Aurelio SUI2407
45IMMroziak Maciej POL2401
46GMVenkatesh M.R. IND2400
47FMGindi Shachar ISR2397
48IMHaimovich Tal ISR2380
49IMVidenova Iva BUL2370
50FMWacker Peter GER2358
51IMOmar Noaman UAE2354
52FMBaenziger Fabian SUI2354
53FMSchnepp Gunnar AUT2348
54IMRadovanovic Mihajlo SRB2337
55FMBlohberger Felix AUT2319
56FMKamber Bruno SUI2286
57FMOthman A. Moussa UAE2277
58FMPrunescu Claudiu SUI2272
59Arne Mike USA2270
60Sankalp Gupta IND2255
61FMBozinovic Bogdan CRO2248
62Leisch Lukas AUT2221
63FMDhanush Bharadwaj IND2211
64Georg Michel SUI2211
65WIMNi Viktorija USA2210
66FMLouis Thibault FRA2207
67FMPomini Aurélien SUI2206
68FMHugentobler Patrik SUI2203
69Mucha Piotr POL2191
70Poliakov Artem RUS2191
71Emanuel Yahav ISR2158
72Goswami Vedant IND2156
73Schmid Christoph SUI2150
74Masse Hugues CAN2147
75Bacrot Alexandre FRA2140
76Gendre Stéphane SUI2124
77Tornay Gomez Josu ESP2123
78Lux Hugo De Melo BRA2115
79Toenz Arthur FRA2113
80Giesinger Elias SUI2111
81Kleibaumhueter Klaus GER2109
82Balzer Lars GER2101
83WCMOkuyaz Duru TUR2096
84WFMDe Seroux Camille SUI2095
85Liepins Oliver LAT2095
86Zweifel Richard SUI2085
87Jordan Michael GER2080
88Van Den Ouden Lendert NED2075
89Monteverde Jonathan SUI2074
90Montoya Irigoyen Inigo ESP2070
91Arbinger Roland Dr.GER2058
92Horber Jean-Marc SUI2057
93WFMSanteramo Alessia ITA2052
94Krebs Samuel SUI2050
95Dill Xaver SUI2049
96FMTiwari Ashwani IND2046
97Gaffagan Steven USA2034
98Polavaram Rithik USA2028
99Schroer Marcel NED2020
100Deuber Roman SUI2015
101Fusco Roberto ITA2011
102Ditzler Jürg SUI1992
103Valet Richard GER1989
104Rusconi Benito SUI1978
105Lucca Kevin SUI1973
106Bonferroni Thierry SUI1966
107Delmonico Nils SUI1959
108Kakumanu Kautil IND1913
109Kreutzmann Duke SUI1867

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Master Tournament

Date / Time July 24 - August 2, 2017; 2 p.m.
(August 2: 11 a.m.)
Rest day on July 29.
Mode of playing 9 round Swiss system.
Time control 90 minutes for the first 40 moves + 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an addition of 30 seconds per move starting from move one.
Prizes CHF 6'000, 4'500, 3'500, 3'000, 2'500, 2'000, 1'500, 1'200, 1'000, 800, 700, 600, 2x500, 3x300, 3x200. Best women players: CHF 500, 300. Best senior (1957-), best junior (1997+), best child (2001+): each CHF 500. Best players with Elo <2200 and <2100: CHF 500, 400, 300, 200, 100. Best Swiss players (with CH-passport): CHF 1'000, 600, 300. Total prize fund: CHF 37'000.

players with FIDE-rating (list May, June or July 2017) or national rating (e.g. Swiss ELO list 2/2017 or 3/2017) ELO 2000 and more.

Participants without international rating must show proof of playing strength. Applications must be received no later than May 31, 2017 (they should include all tournaments results from the past two years and be signed by the club president).

Entries will be accepted on July 24, 2017 until 12.00 p.m. latest at the Festival office (reception).

The final standings will be created according to point number, Buchholz and progressive score. The worst score in each case will be deleted. Prizes will be shared upon the final ranking (and not the “Hort System”).

Main Conditions

  • Entries will not be specially acknowledged. The entry fee has to be paid in the Festival office at least two hours before the start of the tournament.
  • The inscription is only valid after paying the entry fee.
  • GM, IM and players who have already paid their entry fee must confirm their participation at the Festival office at least one hour before the beginning of the first round. If not, the player will not be paired.
  • The tournaments MTO and ATO will qualify for Swiss and FIDE ratings (where applicable).
  • Players who provide false information on their entry form (especially concerning ratings) risk to be excluded from the tournament.
  • The FIDE Elo rating lists May, June and July 2017 as well as the Swiss Elo lists 2/2017 and 3/2017 are valid for the admission to the tournaments. For the category prizes, FIDE rating has priority.
  • Prizes are valid for more than 100 participants per tournament (MTO, ATO, RAP, BTO).
  • The special prizes (best women players, seniors, juniors, child and best Swiss) in the tournaments MTO, ATO, RAP, BTO and Chess960 are only for players scoring 50% or more. The restriction is not valid for special Elo prizes.
  • Late arrivals of max 30 minutes are allowed. If a player is more than 30 minutes late, his game will be considered lost by forfeit.
  • Players are responsible for submitting their scoresheets by themselves after their game; otherwise, the game will be evaluated as 0:0!
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited within public buildings in the canton of Bern.
  • Players are allowed access to the following zones during their games: tournament hall, WC on the first and second floors, entrance hall (bar and office). Smoking area is at the entrance of the Congress.
  • The use of mobile phones and computers in the tournament hall is strictly prohibited.
  • In case of a disagreement, arbiters’ decisions should be contested without delay orally by the main arbiter. The decision of the main arbiter is final.

GM Demuth Adrien

GM Donchenko Alexander

GM Erdos Viktor

GM Ganguly Surya Shekhar

GM Greenfeld Alon

GM Ivanisevic Ivan

GM Kovalenko Igor

GM Salem A.R. Saleh

GM Vaibhav Suri

GM Vishnu Prasanna. V

IM Ali Marandi Cemil Can

Register now and take part in the 50th Biel International Chess Festival!


14:00 MTO Round 1


14:00 MTO Round 2


14:00 MTO Round 3


14:00 MTO Round 4


14:00 MTO Round 5


MTO Rest Day


14:00 MTO Round 6


14:00 MTO Round 7


14:00 MTO Round 8


11:00 MTO Round 9

Special Offer! Room allocations are limited, early booking is recommended!